Vision, Mission and Purpose

Our vision is:

Equal access to music and creativity

Our mission is:

  • To provide life building opportunities to develop through the experience of music and creativity
  • To facilitate opportunities for families and carers to support each other

Our purpose is:

  • to enable individuals; encouraging self expression, personal growth and independence
  • to work to enable our clients  to realise the potential benefits they can gain from the multiple opportunities we offer
  • to strive to maintain a culture of excellence and creativity in our delivery of high quality workshops and sessions
  • to take an inclusive approach and welcome people into a non-judgmental and safe environment
  • to ensure our staff are consistently professional, flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of our users and clients
  • to encourage our staff to draw on their own areas of expertise and the skills of other colleagues
  • to create partnerships committed to providing the highest level of quality provision for the widest range of needs whenever and where ever possible.