The Great Eastern

‘The Great Eastern’ is Musical Keys very own event promotions branch.

We have always hosted and promoted events and fundraisers but in 2014 we took our events to the next level and launched ‘The Great Eastern’! We were very lucky to have staff that were closely connected to the Norwich music scene that played in several bands, we even had our own illustrator and so decided to promote a series of live events which aimed to showcase all the fantastic local talent we have in Norwich whilst raising essential funds for Musical Keys.

Since the launch of the initial series in 2014 we have hosted a few other events and have many more planned in the future. Check this page for our latest event and to have a look at past events, complete with photos, reviews and flyers.

We also released a compilation album in 2015 featuring many of the artists that have played for us as part of The Great Eastern series as well as a few other local acts. The album can be streamed and downloaded here (as well as being able to order a CD):



WHAT: Bryde & Stephanie O + Abigail Blake

WHERE: The Shoe Factory Social Club – Saint Marys Works, Saint Marys Plain, Norwich, NR3 3AF

WHEN: Thursday 17th November 2016

COST: £9 plus booking fee

For more info, have a look here


WHAT: Josienne Clarke & Kit Downes (double headline show)

WHERE: Anteros Arts foundation, Fye Bridge Street, Norwich

WHEN: Friday December 9th 2016

COST: £10.50/£7.50

For more info, have a look here


Kit Downes/some things/Miniature Universe – 08/06/16 @ Anteros Arts Foundation

Kal Lavelle/Lee Gordon/Soham De – 18/12/15 @ St Andrew’s Church

Discharge Lounge/Chapter of Wolves/Daisy Vaughan – 11/09/14 @ Jurnets Bar

James Frost/Birds of Hell/Pete Turrell – 09/10/2014 @ Jurnets Bar

Claws/Federal Tele/Empire Nights – 13/11/2014 @ The Blueberry

Wooden Arms/Mari Joyce/Miniature universe/Floorboy – 11/12/2014 @ Jurnets Bar

Milly Hirst/Echoes In The Well/Jacob Solstice – 03/07/14 @ Jurnets Bar

Dr Clyde/Future of Music/Dumbfoundus – 14/08/14 @ The Blueberry