Promoting creativity through music in educational settings to enable social and relational development and improved literacy and numeracy.

We work with many educational settings and their students throughout the county under the EVOLVE category. Although many of the participants are school pupils that attend the educational setting, many of the settings invite children in from outside the school to join in (not exclusively to those with additional needs). The sessions are always enjoyable and very interactive but we pride ourselves on ensuring the work is educational and that the children are constantly learning and developing (although not at a desk!) whether from musical counting games or playing giant word-searches. Interacting with children from outside the school generates social interest and communication, many of the youngsters become role models in sharing skills and repertoire they have learnt to new children or children from outside of the school.

Current groups:

Attleborough – Chapel Road School, NR17 2DU

Norwich – Easton College, NR9 5DX


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