Jumpstart is an exciting two-year project in partnership with St Martin’s Housing Trust and funded by the People’s Health Trust.


We were approached by managers from Broadland Housing on Dibden Road about a new initiative they had developed. By introducing a range of positive, meaningful activities the residents – many of which were facing issues with homelessness and drug and alcohol misuse – were able to commit to a routine of interesting and exciting activities, all focused around the interests and ideas of the residents.

We put together a team of two experienced community musicians, supported by a fantastic volunteer and made plans to deliver a weekly two hour session where residents had the freedom and support to engage in a range of music making activities.

Since the project started in January 2016 the residents have composed a range of original music, worked on performances, produced beats and written raps, made soundtracks and generally created an atmosphere of creativity and depth.

Part of the projects outcome, aside from creating positive experiences  for the often vulnerable and disadvantaged residents, we want to improve the presence of the hostel within the immediate community, to reduce feelings of isolation and to strengthen community relationships.

To do this we have delivered a Jumpstart showcase every six months. So far the showcases have taken the form of an exhibition in a popular Norwich gallery, taking part in the Lord Mayors procession and an open workshop where the community were invited to the hostel to participate in a music making session.


(Two photos from the jumpstart photography exhibition at Studio20, Norwich on 15th December)

Since the project started the hostel has been taken over by St. Martin’s Housing and the sessions have moved from the hostel to St Martin’s activity hub, Under 1 Roof on Westwick Street. We’ve continued to work with residents from the hostel and have made arrangements to make access to the group straightforward for them.

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