As part of Make Music Day we have produced a version of Terry Riley’s minimal masterpiece ‘In C’.

Recorded over a period of weeks and including a contribution from dozens of participants from TWELVE of our groups and projects, this is the biggest piece of ensemble music we’ve ever made 

‘In C’ is designed to be accessible in that each performer has a small selection of phrases they can play, when they feel like it. The only ‘rules’ are that it has to be played at 120BPM (or thereabouts!) and in the key of C.

This is probably one of the least faithful versions of ‘In C’ produced but we think it’s such a wonderful symbol of completely democratic, accessible and inclusive group music making where the end result is so satisfying.

Recordings were made by MK tutors and sent to MK’s Programme Manager, Oliver who produced the track (much like piecing together a giant jigsaw). All proceeds go to support our vital work