Being aware that news travels fast, I wanted to let you know that I have decided to retire from Musical Keys in May next year. Musical Keys staff and trustees are all aware (and they have not hung out the flags yet!)

I have reached this decision reluctantly, facing the fact that I am no different to anyone else and we all get older. I have been, and will continue for the next ten months to be privileged to work with so many amazing families and organisations. Throughout my many years with Musical Keys I have been so well supported by our office team, workshop leaders, volunteers, and trustees, past and present. However, at some stage, I must pass over the baton and I would rather do this while I am still upright and able to offer support to my successor!

For this reason I gave Musical Keys over a year’s notice in order that the whole organisation could give thought to how it should be managed in the future. I strongly believe that any change in life should give rise to the opportunity to take a good look at what has gone on in the past and where changes could be made for the future. The trustees have every intention of the charity continuing and developing as an independent charity. If you wish to make any comments on the future of Musical Keys you are welcome to contact me or our Chairman, Graham Jones, who you can email via

Sallie Eastick MBE, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Musical Keys