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Here you can find a selection of videos, songs and recordings that have been created during our many sessions, groups and projects. You can visit our YouTube channel here, our Soundcloud page here and Bandcamp profile here.


Fast forward graphic scores

Fast Forward was a partnership project with OPEN Youth Trust and Nansa designed to provide meaningful practical and creative activities to young people on the edge of disability services (full details can be found on the partners page).

Activities were delivered in four-week blocks. Working with musician Chris Dowding and artist Annie Brundrit, during the Graphic Score block the group studied contemporary classical music and discovered how music can be interpreted in different ways. The group then created their own scores which were give to two Norwich jazz groups and were responded to during two unique performances (can be viewed here).


West norfolk national autistic society ep

Musical Keys has worked with west Norfolk NAS for a number of years, forming a lasting relationship. Between 2013-16 NAS commissioned Musical Keys to provide fortnightly music technology focused workshops for two groups of young people.

During the period that this EP was created both groups participated in a wide range of traditional and progressive music activities, including coding, free-improvisation, soundscapes, digital music production, sensory music making and songwriting.

This EP is a small selection of the many pieces of music that were made and represents the more experimental and exploratory aspect of this project.


‘In C’

As part of Make Music Day Musical Keys produced a version of Terry Riley’s minimal masterpiece ‘In C’.

Recorded over a period of weeks and including a contribution from dozens of participants from TWELVE of our groups and projects, this is the biggest piece of ensemble music we’ve ever made 

‘In C’ is designed to be accessible in that each performer has a small selection of phrases they can play, when they feel like it. The only ‘rules’ are that it has to be played at 120BPM (or thereabouts!) and in the key of C.

Recordings were made by MK tutors and sent to MK’s Programme Manager, Oliver who produced the track (much like piecing together a giant jigsaw). All proceeds go to support our vital work

‘NORfolk’s nature’

Norfolk's Nature is the result of Musical Keys working in collaboration with participants from NANSA as part of the Creative Communities Consortium's Arts and Wellbeing Programme.

These recordings are edits from workshops, rehearsals and group performance - the material was written by the participants, inspired by Bjork's Biophilia project and framed by the beautiful landscapes of Norfolk.

After the music was recorded the group created the album artwork by making large-scale floor collages using coloured tapes.

The results of the Arts and Wellbeing Programme, including more detailed outcomes from our contribution, can be found here.


Creative Connections

Creative Connections is our flagship multi-genre intensive workshop, currently offered through the Short Breaks framework (as well as places being commissioned on an individual basis).

Throughout a typical session participants will create movie’s and animation, create characters and stories, compose and perform music, and everything else in between. We have many amazing videos from the Creative Connections sessions available via our YouTube channel but here are a couple of good ones!




Although music is at the heart of everything we do, much of the success and impact of our work is experienced through the processes and participation in meaningful activity. This means that creating a ‘product’ is not often a key priority, however we always try and capture the material that is made, and occasionally we will focus on recording as a key component of a project.

Here are a few recordings from some very different projects. Firstly, a recording from a participant of ‘In My Own Time’, a bespoke home-based 1:1 service. Then a song from an album created as part of the ‘Jumpstart’ project where we worked with a group of adults at risk of homelessness and substance misuse (please be aware this track contains adult and explicit language).

Finally two pieces that were created to be preformed on stage. ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ which was created with the Equal Lives Youth Forum and then a piece by Salman Toheed that was created during a project with the Norwich International Project and the Matthew Project.


Animation plays a big part in many of our longer-duration groups and projects. Here we have ‘Santa’s Claws’, an animation that was created during one of 12 four-weekly creative blocks at the ‘Fast Forward’ project (in partnership with NANSA and OPEN Youth Trust). Then a detailed interpretation of the great Norwich Library fire, created during a Creative Connections session.