Our vision is

  • Equal access to music and creativity

Our mission is to

  • Provide life building opportunities to develop through the experience of music and creativity

  • Facilitate opportunities for families and carers to support each other

Our purpose is to

  • Create a safe, welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere

  • Provide an accessible, comfortable and encouraging physical environment to promote expression and creativity

  • Ensure consultation with service users and key stakeholders and evaluation of work to provide relevant high quality provision

  • To continue to develop our understanding of disabilities and additional needs, through observance, training and co-production

  • To be sensitive and responsive to service users through appropriate and meaningful communication methods

  • Providing a platform for healthy relationships and a support network for service users and their families and carers

  • To encourage active participation and to celebrate achievement through praise, positive affirmation and reinforcing accomplishment

  • Support the professional development of staff and volunteers to be at the forefront of enabling music and creativity for our service users